còmhlan bheanntan | a company of mountains

14 conspectuses on the Isle of Skye for viewing hills and mountains, accompanied by a blog featuring commentaries, photographs, word-mntn drawings, and illustrations.

Alec Finlay
Commissioned by ATLAS Arts, Skye


Alec Finlay, in collaboration with: Luke Allan, Meg Bateman, Neal Beggs, Julie Brook, Maoilios Caimbeul, Thomas A. Clark, Ken Cockburn, Caroline Dear, Graham Dolphin, Bill Drummond, Linda France, Malcolm Fraser, Harry Gilonis, J. C. R. Green, Kevin Henderson, Brian Holton, Gavin Jones, George Kozikowski, Pat Law, Peter Levi, Alison Lloyd, Sorley MacLean, J. Maizlish Mole, Momus, Gavin Morrison, Emma Nicolson, John Purser, Jessica Ramm, Geoff Sample, Norman Shaw, David Sherry, Dan Shipsides, Caroline Smith, Iain Crichton Smith, Ian Stephen, Nick Thomson, Susan Tichy, Hanna Tuulikki, Roderick Watson, Ian Whittlesea, Colin Will

Project management: Luke Allan

Essays: Gavin Morrison

Gaelic consultant: Maoilios Caimbeul

Design: Alec Finlay and StudioLR

Note: place-names are given as they appear on OS maps; these are inconsistent in their use of Gaelic

The artist wishes to thank Julie Brook, Stephen Bungard, Alan Halsey, Julie Johnstone, George Kozikowski, Orbost House, Emma Nicolson, Rosie Somerville, John Purser, Scottish Poetry Library, Alex Turner, Martin Wildgoose, Hanna Tuulikki, Caroline Smith, Lucy Richards, Studio LR, and Luke Allan.

The project title is taken from Sorley MacLean’s poem ‘Ceann Loch Aeoineart’

Extracts from ‘The Shearwaters’ courtesy the Estate of Peter Levi

for the reader

Each of the 14 guides describes a viewpoint on the Isle of Skye, published as a blog; ideally these should be read on location.

The guides are poetic narratives, including quotations, poems, and phrases from conversation or correspondence.

The guides also include word-mntn drawings composed from the names of mountains. A drawing was made for each peak visible from the 14 viewpoints – whether on Skye, or visible from Skye.

A further selection of photographs can be viewed by clicking the icon:

Contributors’ initials appear below their work; their names are given in the credits at the end of each guide.

A conspectus – mountain-compass – appears at the end of each guide. This maps the significant peaks visible from a viewpoint. These can be printed off and consulted in situ.


  1. Love your mountains, although the Corsica mountain pictured is Paglia Orba (Queen of Mountains) not Monte Cinto although it is in the Cinto range. I am studying the British in Corsica and as Gavin Morrison has said there are many links with the Scots. A cemetery at Castifao contains several 'Stuart' headstones. Best wishes Elizabeht

  2. Hello Elizabeth. I know Castifau well! I am presently writing a book on scotland and corsica. Please send me an email, my details are at my website: www.gavinkmorrison.com I had come here looking for that essay but it appears to have been deleted, but I am glad to find your comment instead.


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