A' Corra BheinnMountain of the Hollows
A' Mhaighdeanthe maiden
AinshvalHill of the Strongholds
Am BasteirThe Executioner
An Carsdaid Mhòrnot sure of this, don't know where it is
An Cliseam?unsure of meaning
An Coileachthe rooster
An Ruadh Stacthe red stack
An SgùrrteaThe Peak
An Sleaghach (Slioch)The Spear-like Place, or Gullied Hill
An Stacthe steep hill
An StòrrThe Big (One)
An TeallachThe Forge
Arkleark fell
AskivalPeak of the Ash
BarkavalFell of Terraces --- ?
Beinn a' Chapuill (Mainland)Mountain of the Horse
Beinn a' Chapuill (Raasay)Mountain of the Horse
Beinn a' Chlachainthe mountain of the hamlet
Beinn a’ ChearcaillThe Mountain of the Girdle
Beinn AlliginBejewelled Mountain?
Beinn an DubhaichMountain of Shades - possibly
Beinn Asiak?? strange composite name, no 'k' in Gaelic
Beinn Bhànthe white mountain
Beinn BhreacDappled Mountain
Beinn Bhuidhe (level with k.o.lochalsh)Yellow Mountain
Beinn Bhuidhe (level with mallaig)Yellow Mountain
Beinn CleatCliff or Rock Mountain
Beinn Damhmountain of stags
Beinn Dearg Bheaglittle red mountain
Beinn Dearg MheadhonachMiddle Red Mountain
Beinn Dearg Mhòr (north)Big Red Mountain
Beinn Dearg Mhòr (south)Big Red Mountain
Beinn EdraThe Mountain Between
Beinn EigheFile Mountain
Beinn Fhadalong mountain
Beinn Leacachflagstone mountain
Beinn MheadhonachMiddle Mountain
Beinn Mhialarigh?
Beinn Mhòr (Mull)Great Mountain (mc suggested big mountain)
Beinn na Caillich Mountain of the Crone
Beinn na H-Eaglaisemountain of the church
Beinn na h-IolaireMountain of the Eagle
Beinn SgritheallMountain of the Scree
Beinn Uigshadermountain of 'the dwelling at the bend in the river
Belig (Beinn Beillig)Birch Bark Mountain
Ben Aketil?? strange composite name, no 'k' in Gaelic
deleted rep
Ben Aslak(Norse) Aslak's Mountain
Ben Grascolast element 'sco' is from Norse 'shaw' (of trees)
Ben Hiant – A' Bheinn Sheuntathe hallowed mountain
Beinn HornevalHorn Mountain
Beinn LìColoured or Water Mountain (?)
Ben MeabostBost, homestead; mea, narrow (?)
Ben TianavaigBay or Harbour Mountain
Bidein Druim nan RamhThe Summit of the Ridge of the Roots
Blà-bheinnBlue Mountain
Blabh-bheinn blue mountain
Bloodstone Hill
Bruach na FrìtheBrae of the Moor Forest
Carn a' Ghaill -Càrn a' Ghaillnot sure, maybe hill of the rock/stone
Ceann ReamharBig (Round) Hill
Cnoc Rollmeeaning unclear
Creag Mhor – Creag Mhòrbig rock
Cruachan Beinn a Chearcaillsummits/peaks of the mountain of the girdle, but cruachan can be plural 'heaps, pinnacles' or singular 'a little heap
Cuinneagchurn or pail
Dhuibh Bhig?Stùc a' Choire Dhuibh Bhig – peak of the small dark corrie
Druim an Aonaichmoor ridge or ridge of the steep
Dùn CaanPorpoise Fort
Fionn BheinnWhite Hill
Fionn Choirewhite corry
Flasvein?not sure of the first element
Garbh Bheinn Rough Mountain
Gars-bheinnechoing mountain --- ?unsure of 'gars
Ghiubhais ??of the firs' - genitive / adjectival form of 'giubhas' – modern spelling 'giuthas'. Looks strange!

Giolabhal Glasthis appears to be the spelling, unsure of meaning of 'giola
GlàmaigThe Greedy Woman
Glas Bheinn MhòrBig Grey-green Hill
HallivalFell with Ridge of Terraces
Harta Choire – Coire Thartacorry of the hart
Hartaval?unsure of meaning
Heabhal?unsure of meaning
Healabhal BheagLittle Flagstone Hill
Healabhal MhòrBig Flagstone Hill
HeclaHooded Shroud
Ladhar-bheinnhill of the claw
Lì a DeasNorth Lee
Lì a TuathSouth Lee
Beinn Liath Mhòrbig grey hill
LiathachThe Hoary Place (according to Watson)
Màm an StaingMàm = rounded hill; staing might mean trench or moat here
Maol Cheann-deargbare rounded red head hill
MarscoSeagull Rock
Meall AcairseidMeall, lumpish, shapeless hill; Acairseid, anchorage, harbour
Meall a Ghiubhais – Meall a' Ghiuthais rounded hill of the firs / pinesuthais – hill of the firs / pines (?)
Meall Acairseidhill of the achorage / or anchorage hill
Meall BuidheYellow Knoll
Meall DeargRed Mount
Meall Gorm green mount
Meall na Suiramach? unsure of meaning of Suiramach
Meall Nan Eachmount of the horses
Mèith-bheinnSappy Mountain
Mulla Bho DheasSouthern Mound
Mullach an RathainThe Summit of the Pulley
Orval? unsure of meaning; may be 'moorfowl fell' cf Oreval in Harris
Preshal More
Quiraing – Cuith-raingRound Fold
RoineabhalRough-ground Fell
Rois-bheinnprobably mountain of showers (otherwise Norse, horse mountain)
Ruadh Stacreddish precipice
Ruadh Stac MorGreat Reddish Precipice
Seabhal?unsure of meaning
Sgùrr a' GhreadaidhPeak of the tormented torrent --- or peak of torments, thrashings
Sgùrr a' MhadaidhThe Foxes' Peak
Sgùrr AlasdairAlexander’s peak
Sgùrr an Airgidsilver peak
Sgùrr Coire Chòinnicheanpeak of the mossy corry
Sgùrr DeargRed Peak
Sgùrr Dubh an Dà Bheinn Black Peak of the Two Summits
Sgùrr Dubh MòrBig Black Peak
Sgùrr Fhuaran (Five Sisters)dun-coloured peak or cow-parsnip peak (from odhar = dún) (Watson)
Sgùrr a' Fionn ChoirePeak of the Bright or Cold Corry
Sgùrr Mhic CoinnichMcKenzie’s peak
Sgùrr na BanachdaichPockmarked Peak
Sgùrr na Ciste Duibhe (Five Sisters) peak of the black chest or coffin
Sgùrr na Còinnich Peak of the Moss
Sgùrr na h-IolairePeak of the Eagle
Sgùrr na h-Uamhpeak of the cave / hollow
Sgùrr na Moraichsgùrr of Morvaich – Morvaich = sea-plain (Watson)
Sgùrr nan Caorach? maybe peak of the rowans, but not sure
Sgùrr nan Càrnach (5 sisters)peak of the stoney places (Watson) he has 'nan' not 'na
Sgùrr nan EachPeak of the Horses
Sgùrr nan ÉagNotched Peak
Sgùrr nan Gillean (Cuillin)Peak of the Lads
Sgurr nan Gillean (rum)Peak of the Lads
Sgùrr nan GobharPeak of the Goats
Sgùrr nan Saighead (5 sisters) arrow peak
Sgùrr na StrìPeak of Contention
Sgùrr Sgumainthe stack-shaped hill
Sgùrr TheàrlaichCharles's peak
Sgùrr ThormaidNorman's Peak
Sgùrr ThuilmPeak of Tulm
Spidean a' Choire LèithPinnacle of the Grey Corry
Spidean Coire nan ClachPinnacle of the Corry of Stones
Stob a' ChearcaillStump of the Circle
Stob a' Choirestump of the corry
Stùc a' Choire peak of the corry
Stulabhal?unsure of meaning
The Saddle
Todùn?? - maybe fort... La
TrollabhalTroll Peak

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